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. they're buying it from singapore is it? >> for us as a flyer it means that we can get into europe from a lot of cities in america where delta flies out of if the deal goes through. it is a win for us. virgin atlantic is not burgeoned america >> i love that airline >> i love that airline. you can get to air europe it seems but once you get there you cannot afford to buy anything. it is really expensive unless you read playboy millionaire like myself. to be an airline and europe you have to have a majority ownership stakes. >> another loser here, lindsey lohan. the irs is seizing her bank accounts. she has hit rock bottom. >> she is on the hook for $236,904. 2011 taxes, she posed nude for playboy. you get those checks and you think you don't owe taxes on that but the irs will catch you. >> what did charlie sheen giver of hundred thousand dollars for? >> the tax bills. >> that was nice. >> i say do it right, get an attorney. the irs is not playing with taxes ask martha stewart they were tracking down. and jimmy from san jose wants to know what to do with your 401k when you switch jobs? >>
that they lost. we would turn to europe >> daybreak is coming and we anticipate the search and rescue to come back out here for the cordillera creek. it started off as a simple traffic stop and the suspect jumped into the swollen banks of the court there creek. police stopped what they thought was a drunk driver. the suspect jumped over the fence after taking off and jumped into the creek. they were able to keep visual contact with him for about a hundred yards that ultimately they lost sight of him. about 1:00 is when they sent out multiple agencies including the fire department and the marin county sheriff's department and the southern marin fire department and a search and water rescue boats. we had a chance to talk to the police chief and he talked about some of the concerns about the suspect. >> we're very concerned with the swift moving water that he could have gotten caught in something or possibly drowned. we are very concerned for his safety, we hope he is ok. we currently have a swift water rescue boat from the fire department now. we are going up creek trying to locate him. the wat
john allen who has been nominated to take charge in europe. alan's nomination is on hold because he is ensnarled in a sex scandal that led to the resignation of cia director david petraeus. california's political watchdog agency has find their sacramento for failing to report donations he solicited for charity organizations. at the fair political practices commission found 25 cases in which mayor kevin johnson failed to file timely reports on the nation's two a nonprofit made at the request of an elected official. johnson has been fined $37,500. the mayor has raised more than $4 million from national organizations, local companies and individual donors for his city initiatives and the nonprofits he supports. >> the oscar grant civil- rights case was back in court yesterday and the ruling against the officers should not be overturned. a judge ruled in may of 2011 that barred cannot be held legally his counsel for the 2009 shooting death of oscar grant. and there is also a ruling on the $50 million federal lawsuit against a former officer should be decided in a jury trial. >> 735 and
and will show you that we do have a cloudy start to europe thursday morning. we do have a drying trend starting today and we could see there is a fog. banks are looking pretty good and tomorrow morning it will be partly cloudy and dry. into your weekend looks great. temperatures right now are fairly pleasant the temperatures unsettle francisco is at 57 degrees. concord is a 54 degrees, livermore 56 degrees and there are no reports from the airport of any delays. >> we have big problems at the richmond san rafael bridge. westbound 580 has a metal piece stick it out of the relatives and it is blocking the lanes. crews are on the scene and we can see there is a bit back up. this these are down to 20 mi. per hour. there is really no good alternative rounded and you could take a different freeway but take a look at the sluggish conditions. >> we're also seeing a back up at the approach to the bay bridge. i will have before check on what is going on with the rest of the bay area coming up. >> also new this morning, san jose police are investigating a fatal hit and run crash. this happened just before
to avoid. we tend to find reasons to like stocks. here's a reason not to like a stock. europe is in shambles there are no longer giving subsidies for energy. the energy market is flooded with capacity to much capacity. prices have to go lower. but for j.p. morgan analyst to say it shows courage. this was a $300 stock back in the bush era days where the united states would subsidize as well as your it would subsidize solar. we are not a point in time where we can afford to do it as a nation or as a world. i am not telling people to go short. i think it takes chords to not like something on wall street. telling a negative story is not easy. >> coming up december 21st the mayan calendar reset some people are saying it is the in of the world. if you are a food company that has friday in your name. >> t g i s is doing a big party. what i like about the story and call me crazy, you have the best opening line. if you are in red. >> hi honey give me a kiss the world in tomorrow. if she says no she is cold. >> a lot of people will be out drinking and having a good time. restaurant in w
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5